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News & Informations around Virtualbet24

Here you find and overview of all news and informations around Virtualbet24. Rule changes, competition informations, new features, bug fixes and much more.

Permanent Server Issues2017-04-26 15:42 

Our page gets more and more popular: In this month we will welcome more than 170.000 visitors on our small but beautiful betting site. Especially our Predictor is very successful all over the world. This is something nice of course but actually it brings some unliked problems. The site performance is getting more and more worse: Sometimes it reacts very slow and sometimes it´s not reachable at all. We actually check the migration to another server to get a better performance of the page. So we apologize for waiting times and other problems with our site. We are at work and hope to fix this issue as soon as possible! Your VB24-Team!
[Edit after about 14 days]:
After some days of testing the site seems to perform much better now: The work of our domain hoster seems to bring effect. The site is now really fast and there are no failures although we still achieve an enormous growth. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and thank our domain hoster for their work.
It´s already done: You can now easily follow your favorite tipsters at Virtualbet24 and get their actual picks conveniently. Of course you can have an eye on your competitors in the tipsters competition too. To follow a tipster there are several ways: Either you can click on the "favorite star" in the picks overview or you open the fanpage of the tipster and click on the shown link there. Another way is to use the account menu: Login to your account and click in the account menu on "You follow" or "Follow you". Now appears a new window where you can choose the "Follow / Unfollow" tab. In the ranking you can choose the tipsters which you want to add to your favorites. If you don´t want to follow a tipster anymore you can do that in the same way as to follow. The system will automatically detect if you want to follow or unfollow. It´s really easy so just try out ;)

New Layout / Login2017-01-05 11:50 

We already informed you in some newsletters that we plan to develop the fanpages step by step. The first step in this development was a small re-design of the site layout and especially of the login. Why we have to do that? Well, the former login box simply was too small to add more features to the account menu. With the new layout we are now variable in the size of the box and can expand the account menu as big as we want. For example we want to add the possibility to follow other tipsters to inform you about their picks. So you are able to keep in view of your competitors and registered users are served with the latest picks of their favorite tipsters. We tried to keep the changes as small as possible to keep the well known appearance of the site. We hope that you like the new layout? If you have any improvement suggestions or critics than please contact us with the e-mail address published in the "Contact"-section. Thanks for that in advance :)
Just in time to the start of the 2nd round of german bundesliga we start our next prize competition round on Friday, 20th January 2017. We finish then on Sunday, 21st May 2017 and payout our famous and popular 1000 Euro Jackpot to the 5 best tipsters of this round. All information to the competition you can find as always in our help! So don´t hesitate and start now betting to become a good early shape. As you surely know: Skill comes with practice ;)
We were really busy the last weeks. Mainly we worked at the site administration to make us the daily work a bit easier and making the site more stable. Among other things inactive tipsters will be automatically deleted if they didn´t login for more than one year. But you will get an e-mail one week before to cancel this process. In the ranking now red, yellow and green bars show if the tipsters has open or running bets online. Furthermore the picks overview starts now with the picks of today. So the page is loading much faster and our visitors have immediately the overview of todays bet selection. Last but not least we fixed some smaller bugs. Now we are preparing for bigger developing projects. We keep it rolling... ;)
And another time we have a great new tool for you to raise your success in sports betting and with that your ranking in our money competition: The Match Preview. You can see by the stats icon after the standard odds in the odds overview if a match preview exists to the respective match. By clicking on the icon you can call a complete analysis of this match. It will be examined by many factors and then the respective match strengths are calculated. At the end you will get a specific computer calculated match prediction which is based on this data. All in all another great tool by Virtualbet24!
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In the last newsletter we have already suggested that we will change the rules for the next money competition. The last money competition round has shown us that we have to make changes to keep the tipster competition still fair for all members. Due to that the following new rules are live now: Maximum odd per day is reduced from 20 to 10. Bonus points are not given blank for every won bet but percental to the winnings of a bet and the analyses are limited to 2 per day. We hope that these changes will have the desired effects making the tipster competition even more exciting and fair. More about the money competition rules you can read in our Help and in our Rules.
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VB24 goes Mobile2015-12-03 23:31 

The world is getting mobile and VB24 goes along with it! Until now there was no mobile optimized version of our site and placing a bet on the go was not really user friendly. But this we have just changed now and created a completely optimized version for mobile devices. If you navigate to our site by a mobile device it should be automatically detected and the mobile site should appear. If your smartphone will not be detected than please navigate directly to In the footer area of every page is a link to switch between the two display modes.
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Odds Updates2015-11-21 01:59 

After some eligible critics we have done a basically change of our odds updates: Until now we just took the best odds we have found into our system and kept them. Unfortunately it turned out to be mistake because we were not able to react on massive odd changes or even on odd turns which can happen in friendlies for example. Because of that we now decided to actualize the odds faster and lower them too. If an odd has been raised, lowered or is it unchanged since the last update you can see on the icons after the displayed odds. We hope now for more actuality and on even more realism in our competition.
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