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Rules & Regulations

Here you can find our Rules & Regulations. We request you to observe ALL rules to keep the competition fair and to guarantee all tipsters the same chances. If you find a violence of a rule than please contact us immediately. Thank you very much in advance! Your VB24-Team.

Our Rights and Obligations:
1. Accountblocking -/ Closing
We reserve the right at anytime to close or block an account without any statement if there is a violation of our rules and regulations from a registered member. In this case all cash prizes and bonus winnings are lost. Inactive accounts in which haven´t been logged in during the last 12 months will be closed automatically. All earlier bets of these accounts are deleted as well.

2. Cash Payouts
2.1 Payout Regulations
We try to payout the before announced cash prizes right after the end of a competition by bankwire transfer to the members specified bank account if there was no violation of one of our rules. We payout if it is possible to any bank account all over the world. Bank charges are paid by the winner himself and automatically discounted from the executing bank. The amount of the several prizes are announced timely and can be read at anytime in the "Help".
2.2 Payout Choices
At the moment it is only possible to payout by bank wire transfer. Payouts via PSC, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers) or any other form of money transfer is not possible.

3. Payouts of betting bonuses (bonus prizes)
3.1 Sort of bonus prizes
If we have a sponsor which will support our best tipsters it is possible that there are betting bonuses of a bookmaker to win additional to the cash prizes. These bonuses will be booked to the betting account of the winner at this bookmaker.
3.2 Payout Regulations for bonus prizes
All rules of Virtualbet24 have to be observed for the bonus winnings too. Additional to that the betting account of the tipster at the sponsoring bookmaker must already exist. Payouts to blocked account there are not possible. Is there no betting account at the bookmaker at the moment of win it is also not possible to payout the betting bonus. Afterwards registrations cannot be considered.
3.2.1 Turnover Regulations of betting bonuses at the bookmaker
The won betting bonuses are under the aktive turnover regulations of the bookmaker before they can be paid out. Virtualbet24 has no influence on how this turnover regulations look like and how they are used.

4. General Payout Regulations There is no legal claim at anytime for any cash -and/or bonus winnings. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

5. Betting Offer and Odds
5.1 Correctness of the specified odds and match details
Virtualbet24 does not provide any guarantee to the correctness of the specified odds and all other match details like match time and participants. If a bet is not correct because of that and a bet or a win is lost, the risk is only on the side of the tipster.
5.2 Cancel bets
Virtualbet24 has the right at anytime to cancel or delete bets with wrong details like odds, participants and match times without any statement. Bets to a match which is not taking place to the at Virtualbet24 announced match time could be also cancelled or deleted. In multiple bets cancelled bets are removed from the multiple bet as usual in the industry. Only the remaining bets are valid for the multiple bet. If a bet is cancelled the points for the betting analyses are also lost.

6. Award for points
The points are distributed at the moment like that: (effective from 2016-01-22)
1 Point per Unit clear profit
10% Points bonus for the clear profit of a won bet to a maximum of 1 Point. At multiple bets the bonus is calculated for the total profit!
1 Point per submitted and accepted betting analysis (max. 2 analyses per day. The odd must be higher than the minimum odd.)

7. Competition periods and the valid bets for it
The periods for the competitions will be timely set and accounced by us. These periods are readable at anytime in the "Help". Only bets are valid where the match times are within this period and are regular taking place there. Especially at multiple bets you have to pay attention that the latest single bet has to be within the competition period because the multiple bet will only be evaluated when all matches are played. Is the last bet not within the competition period the whole multiple bet is not valid for the competition. Please pay attention to that!

8. Sending Newsletters
Virtualbet24 is sending newsletter at odd times to all members. By using our services you are accepting that. If you don´t want to get newsletters anymore you are free to close your account at anytime. There is no possibility to unsubscribe from the newsletter separately.

9. Disclaimer
Virtualbet24 does not assume liability for any types of damages like health problems, damages at used devices or any others, which are caused by using our services. We also don´t assume liability in the case of data theft from our databases by not authorized persons and for the consequences this may cause. Also we don´t assume liability for the losses by following the picks of our members or for the losses by following the predictions of our Predictor. We don´t provide a guarantee for the correctness of all specified details in our statistic center or livescore and are not liable for possible losses which are caused by wrong data. Additional to that all statements in our Disclaimer are valid. In case of unintended violations of licenses or copyrights on our side please contact us promptly. We will remove this content immediately from our site.

10. Changes in our Rules & Regulations
Virtualbet24 can change the rules and regulations at anytime. These changes will be announced to all members timely. If there are any doubts the member can close his account at anytime. The further use is considered as acceptance.
Your Rights and Obligations:
1. Registration
The statements in the registration must be complete and correct. The minimum age to take part is 18 years. The registration and participation at Virtualbet24 is and will ever be free and will not commit the member to any sort of return.

2. The User Account
2.1 The profile
All statements in the profile except username, password and e-mail adress are free. Virtualbet24 will not give away this data to a third party and will not distribute it to any other platform except But we cannot guarantee that our databases will never be hacked by unauthorised persons and data will be stolen. Because of that we highly recommend that you use a password that is only used for Virtualbet24. Additional we recommend that you don´t use any other secret data in your profile!
2.2 Closing Account
The member has at anytime the possibility to close his account. But with that all data is lost especially the placed bets. Winnings cannot be paid out anymore. An account recovery is not possible. Re-opening an account during a competition period is not allowed to prevent a reset of a negative score. If this is tried by a member it´s a gross violation of our rules.
2.3 Usage of a Virtualbet24-Account
The Virtualbet24-Account is only valid for taking part at our competition and for the Live-Chat. Other usage like distribution of spam by using our internal message system is forbidden. Only ONE account is allowed per User and IP. If there are more accounts used by one person this is a violation of our rules and all acounts of this members are closed. A new participation at our active competition is not allowed anymore.

3. Rules for bet placement
3.1 Number of bets, Minimum -and Maximum Odds
The number of bets per day is unrestricted at the moment but can be introduced by Virtualbet24 at anytime. It can be determined a minimum odd per bet by Virtualbet24. In this case the placed bet has to be with a higher odd than this. This applies to single -and multiple bets. At multiple bets the total odd is counting so that a single bet within a multiple bet could have a lower odd than the minimum odd. There could also be a maximum odd per day. In this case all odds together (single odds and multiple total odds) are not allowed to be higher than this maximum odd.
These rules are technical monitored by us and will be normally displayed in the betslip immediately. But if it´s possible due to a technical problem to get around that we reserve the right to cancel the affected bets. If we are in the opinion that the member is consequently searching and using such bugs we also reserve the right to block the account until all circumstances are clarified.
3.2 Using wrong odds and betting details
If a bet is not valid due to wrong details like odd, match time or participants we will cancel it. If a member uses consequently such wrong details it is possible that his account will be closed. We appeal to you that you report us any bugs immediately and not to use them. This is unfair against all other tipster in the competition. Please report us tipsters which are using these unavoidable bugs too. At the end fairness will payout for all!
3.3 Playing bets of other members
It´s clear to us that it is unavoidable that some bets of our members are equal. That´s no problem at all. But if a member attracts negative attention by using picks of other tipsters consequently, his account could be closed by us.
3.4 Betting Analyses
Every member has the possibility to increase his point yield by writing an analysis. Betting analyses should be written by your own and should not copied in from another platform. The author is liable himself for any copyright violation. We reserve the right to deduct points for insufficient analyses. Insufficient analyses are for example analyses with just copied statistics or if the minimum chars are reached by extremely using punctuation characters. Analyses are only allowed in english or german language. Analyses in other languages will be deleted and no points are given.

4. Behavior
We want to suggest that it is very important to us that all our members are well-behaved and no other member is treated in a racist, sexist, religious or any other abusively way. This is valid especially for our Live-Chat, the internal message system and in the betting analyses. We don´t tolerate that in any case and we will close the concerning accounts immediately. Please avoid especially crude speech too.
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